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Marketing Matters.....Breaking it down


The primary goal of marketing is to look at big picture and promote the company, product/service, and brand. Its goals are often longer term because campaigns can span over the course of many months.

For sales, the focus is to hit quotas and sales volume goals - and these tend to be shorter term. Goals are often measured month after month. Targets are defined, and calculations are made on how much product/service is needed to sell to meet the overarching goal.

In a nutshell, sales and marketing are two business functions within your business that both impact lead generation and revenue.  The term marketing is the process of getting people interested in the goods and services being sold.  The term, sales, refers to all activities that lead to the selling of goods and services. Both are a necessary part of running a successful business. 


Branding should be considered in the initial stages of starting a business — launching a business with a strong brand will give you a greater chance of success.

Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business. A strong brand is more than just a logo — it is reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising.

Your brand should reflect what your business stands for and what sets it apart from your competitors — it expresses the qualities, strengths, and 'personality' of your business.

Do you have a short-term sales increase strategy and long-term brand building strategy? Both are important, one is about immediate sales, products and keeping the cashflow going and the other is about longevity and reputation. Find the right budget balance for both strategies.

Here are 4 Tips to help you on your way with your Marketing and Branding Strategies.

       1. Have a relationship with, an online and an in-print plan for the year

So many channels of marketing and so many choices. Do not forget to cover all mediums. Find your best avenues but do not forget to have a presence in other ways, not just one. Do not just think online or Facebook is the only way to go. Explore as many possibilities as you can that are on offer. 

        2. Be credible, consistent, and genuine

The average person needs to see the information at least 7-8 times before it really sinks in. For example - Don’t just do one letterbox drop or one ad and think it didn’t work! Customers need to get the message and the first one will often just go in the bin the 4th might be on the fridge! The 7th they might make the call.

 It all takes time to create trust. Customers want to know you are there all the time, not just when you want to advertise something. They want to know you are genuinely interested in them so be consistent in your branding messages too. 

      3. Understand the continual change of your customer mindset, of values, attitudes and social influences

Your customer is getting over 5000 messages of information every day. Newsfeeds, social media, TV and the list goes on. Just think about the changes Covid has made to our society, every month, in how we think and live our lives. Our world is changing our attitudes to social norms every day. 

       4. When times get tough so many pull the marketing budget first. Don’t! 

Think through how you can make your marketing better and gain more for your Budgeted $. Lack of time and money can spark that innovation and creativity in marketing. Be creative – think fast and be first with innovative marketing. Have confidence in your ideas and go for it. But do not just stop your marketing. 

Marketing, Sales and Branding are such a crucial aspect of your business that requires research, time, planning, and appropriate budget allocations.  Today's customers are spoiled for choice, so you must get this right.  Remember to make relationships, not just sales.

 If you would like help or even coaching on further understanding the Marketing, Sales and Branding aspects of your business please contact us – we are here to help.  Learn how to market your business effectively and promote your products and services.

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