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Get Fully Charged for 2018

Sound familiar? Well here are some tried and trusted ways to get moving again.

Commit to half a dozen of the following in the next week, and stand back as your lurking uncertainty goes into a spin:

  1. Ban TV for a week.
  2. Get a new haircut.
  3. Try out a new café.
  4. Listen to new music.
  5. Use an alternative route for routine journeys.
  6. Turn your email off for 24 hours. Yes you can!
  7. Rearrange your workspace.
  8. Go for three 20 min walks.
  9. Smile nicely at three new people a day.
  10. Cook something radical.
  11. Read a book on an unusual topic.
  12. Do the one thing you’ve been avoiding.
  13. Fix two things around the house.
  14. Change your screensaver.
  15. Fill a box with junk.
  16. Rebuild a broken bridge.
  17. Laugh out loud. Without scaring anyone.
  18. Try a new fashion look.
  19. Watch a movie you’d normally avoid.
  20. In one day, use two different forms of public transport.


  • Do What You Do Best

What is the reason you started your own business?  I can feel confident in saying it wasn’t to juggle loads of different things at once and wear all the different hats you need to wear when you run your own business. Running a Business can be overwhelming and requires a multitude of skills.  So what to do?  Do What You Do Best… and trust others to handle the things you find challenging or that are draining you.  Try not to be the Jack of All Trades and build partnerships with the right people with the right skills that can take on some of your workload and help you achieve your goals.  Remember the reason you started your business and do what you do best?

  • Stay Bored

Baffling?  Yes but very true.  Where and what are you doing when you get your best ideas? If your like the majority of people and ideas pop into your head while your showering of daydreaming then you will know exactly what we are talking about.  When we daydream or let our minds wander we go into auto pilot.  Manoush Zomorodi in her book, Bored and Brilliant: How Time Spent Doing Nothing Changes Everything. “When we let ourselves space out and our minds wander, we do our most original thinking and problem solving; without distraction, your mind can go to some interesting and unexpected places.” So, what can you do?  Stop surfing the web or scrolling while your on the bus or wait for your lunch order.  Take a walk without any distractions – you never know what you might come up with while you’re in auto pilot……..

  • Prioritising ‘MY’ time

Evaluate things in life that are causing you stress and consider the value of those things. Are they important? Is the stress of your own creation and within your power to control and change?  Get rid of any guilt you might carry for occasionally treating yourself. You don’t have to justify enjoying something or indulging in something that brings you happiness. Take time to do those things that make you feel better about yourself. Whether it’s an indulgent beauty routine or making sure that you exercise each day, the better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll make those around you feel and the better your life and business will be. Remember that there are only three things in life you can control; what you think, what you say, and what you do.

  • Keep Motivated

Motivation itself is a result; we need to discern what underlies the surface to get at the causation. For instance, among the most desired results of a truly and consistently motivated employee — for both managers and executives alike — is increased productivity. How can this be achieved with any degree of consistency?

If we want the up to 90% increase in production and value that an engaged employee produces, we have to decide to make some intentional changes.

Again and again, the research shows that employees want:

  1. To be treated as individuals
  2. For their work to have some measurable, positive impact on other’s lives
  3. The room and space to create and innovate
  4. To be respected and valued

It’s no under-sell to say that most business within even the most progressive cities and markets fall into the structures that flatly don’t work. What is less easy is, taking all of this and restructuring your business, its culture, its hierarchical systems, and its departmental structuring; into an environment that fosters genuine motivation.

It is never easy to determine a full-coverage solution in one sit-down session and it can be extremely challenging to plot the correct course forward for a particular company and its ethos. But what we do know is that few things are more important to begin working toward.

Embrace the Energy, Motivation Commitment and Passion, the reason you went into business for yourself.  So stop procrastinating and get invigorated by the endless efficiencies that await you – you won’t look back.

Seriously – Just do it!

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