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If you say you need more time, but aren’t hiring people to help you in your business, you’re wasting your breath.      

 Do you find yourself always moaning about the amount of time you don’t have while you continue doing the very same things you’ve always done.  If you are guilty of this you’ll continue to get the same results (or lack of them) that you’ve been getting up until now. You’ll never get more time.  Never. UNLESS - you hire someone to take some of the load you’ve been carrying. By doing so, you will free up some of your time so you can do more important, more strategic things to move your business to that next level. If you’re not willing to do that, not brave enough to take that chance, you’ll never, ever get more time.

 Until you change, your outcomes cannot change.

The fundamental thing about you that needs to change is your mindset – in a number of areas.  But let’s take this issue of adding people to your team as an example. You’ve already probably developed and even determined a mindset about adding staff to your business.  If you are one of the many who have already decided that you can’t afford to hire another staff member, you’ve already limited yourself and your company from taking advantage of your most promising option. That thinking has to change. You’ve got to at least open your mind to the option of hiring someone else so that you can see the potential of what it could do for your business. Again, until you change, your outcomes cannot change.

Your Challenge

Hire somebody to help you with something within the next 7 days.  It doesn’t have to be for a position in your business. It could be for something simple, like cleaning out your garage, washing your car or even mowing your lawn. What you’ll find (if you pay attention) is that in doing so you’re going to have to learn a number of skills – evaluation, hiring skills, management of a person, clearly outlining the work to be done, etc. It’s going to give you much needed practice in the area of hiring someone that you can then take to your business and use to your advantage.  Do it.  Hire someone within the next 7 days.  And if you do, contact Helen and let her know how it went, what you have learnt,  and how you’re going to apply it in your business.  You may even like to talk with Helen on how to go about it or to make a Strategic plan in hiring a mentor or coach.


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