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Cash Flow and Your Budget


Now, I am not saying don't have expenses - every business has them but if you don't know or understand your expenses and revenue there is a serious problem! All that hard work and effort that you have been putting into your business could all be for nothing.

I am not here to tell you exactly how your budget should be set out because everyone has a different situation. But, there are some things that are common throughout all business owners. Things such as; rent or mortgage, utility bills, payroll expenses, interest and tax payments and the list goes on. The point is that every business (no matter what stage they are at) should know what there expenses are. Without knowing your bound to find the going tuff!


  • Check Industry Standard    
  • Make a Spreadsheet
  • Factor in Slack - Times and a Contingency Plan
  • Look To Cut Costs
  • Review The Business Periodically - Weekly or Monthly
  • Shop Around For Services + Suppliers

If you identified that you have more money going out of your business than coming in, you are likely to run out of cash.  You could consider restructuring the timing of payments and receipts in your cash budget to stop this anticipated shortfall occurring.

If you cannot do this, you may need to consider cutting costs, improving purchasing power, improved marketing or improving pricing.

Click here for a BUDGET TEMPLATE that will help you to set up your Budget - for your Cash Flow and Finances.  If you would like us to email the template in an Excel workable sheet you can email us here

If you feel like you need some help setting up your budget for your business then contact us for a one on one chat over a cuppa just to see how we can help to make your business Cash Flow and Budgets work for you. 


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