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Relationship Marketing


    Do You Know What "RELATIONSHIP MARKETING" Is ?    

 Transparent Mega Phone GuyOver the course of my career I have heard of a lot of people start a conversation and get right into their accolades, then immediately start pitching themselves to their customers. What is the customer really getting out of the exchange though?

At SBIS March is all about relationship marketing, not pitching!  When you pitch, you just talk - you don't connect. Where as when you relationship market, you conduct research and take consideration into what you're doing rather than just talking.

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Manage Your Energy and Time

 Let's face it, as business owners we try and do everything; build up our business, eat healthy foods, stay fit, be social with friends and groups, take care of our home and loved ones and being happy and positive on top of it all. 

It can be exhausting, can't it?             

The popular opinion is that treating life and business like a race might not actually be in the best interest of us or our business.

Do you often find yourself saying "Life is a marathon, not a sprint." "I'm in the for the long haul" or "I'll sleep when I'm old"?  

Because let me tell you, I definitely do. 

I have 6 Tipsthat will help you make room for recovery:

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Best Year Yet!

January is the beginning of a New Year, but more importantly the beginning of Your Best Year Yet! January is that time of the year when businesses start to plan their year ahead with reviewing and reflecting on the months that have gone by and planning their goals for the coming ones. However, in order for this to work, you need to do this effectively.

Work Life Balance

To make 2015 your businesses Best Year Yet, you need to understand two things:

  1. Your goals and the balance between the goals of your business/work, and
  2. The many other important areas of your life.

 The ideal state of life balance - perfect balance, if you like - occurs when all different key areas of your life fit harmoniously together. Nothing is out of proportion and no one element is emphasised at the expense of others. If you are going to bring more balance to your life, it will help you to look more closely at what this state is meant to be.


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Reflect and Review

Reflect and Review Time:- Your Own Performance For The Year.

It’s that time of the year to look briefly in the revision mirror and complete your own performance management review and see how you have performed this year!  You may complain about your staff, but how did you perform?

Where has the time gone since you set your "New Year's Resolutions", or when you sat down and completed your one page business plan of what you were going to achieve this year?

December is a great month not just to do a review of your year but to sit and think quietly and reflect.

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