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Does Your Technology Fit Your Business?


Does Your Technology Fit Your Business?

Technology is changing rapidly, business IT solutions that were cutting-edge five to 10 years ago seem outdated and clunky today. (Remember the first mobile phones?  They were like carrying 2 bricks around!) As a busines
s owner you must be open to new solutions to enhance your IT capabilities if you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors

A recent study conducted by Brother International revealed that 63 percent of small businesses felt overwhelmed with the number of technologies available to run their business.

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Understanding Conversion Rate Optimisation

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimisation
What is a conversion rate?      
A conversion rate is a simple formula that represents the number of “Enquiry” taken as a percentage of the Traffic received.
Conversion rate = (Actions ÷ Traffic) × 100
EXAMPLE... Let’s say you’re advertising your website on Google and 2000 people have clicked on your ad (i.e. your traffic = 2000 people). And let’s say 40 people have taken an Action on website. They might have submitted an inquiry form for more information your, or they may have purchased something. Here’s  how we'd calculate the conversion rate...
Conversion rate = (40÷2000) × 100 = 2%
What’s the Trick to Boost Your Sales/Services?

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Are You Committed to Your Actions?

What is Commitment?

    Commitment is: “The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity”.                                  

    I strongly believe in the quote “Motivation gets you started and commitment keeps you going.”

    I come across many people in business with the ability to take their business to the next level but never do! One thing that holds many of them back is motivation and the inability to stay commitment to their ideal outcomes.

    When the going gets tough, it can be difficult to sustain the momentum to achieve great things. I get that, I have had my fair share of ‘commitment yo-yo’ in the past. I found that when I am not completely committed to a       goal, I falter and lose focus. Now, I do not leave room for excuses, however I have to accomplish that goal, I commit to it. I am far more targeted and focused, and when I start hearing my excuses I refocus.

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Transform Your Business to a Higher Level

What is One Thing That Can Transform Your Business to a Higher Level                                  

There is no secret to moving yourself and your business to the next level. It only seems like a secret because like all business owners and entrepreneurs you get bogged down in everyday smaller details of your business and can’t see the forest because of all the trees in your way. The big picture view is where the answer for your next level is. What is that answer?  Is it  "People" and  Out sourcing?

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Welcome Back - to 2017

Welcome back to the New Year – we hope you have had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends and are ready to Nail your goals in 2017                        Calendar

Each New Year we make resolutions to be successful, to get back in the black and to build a better business (and to lose those few added Christmas kilos).

One thing that holds back a lot of businesses is: time. Don’t let the time you need to dedicate to your business, and those resolutions, slip by – take action!

5 tips to help you follow through with your resolutions.

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