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Make Your Brand Stand Out And Shine

How can I increase my business’s visibility is a question I hear over and over again?  If you have been looking into ways of growing your business, then the word branding has probably come up on numerous occasions. Branding is a process of creating and maintaining the conceived public image of your product or business.  How then do you go about constructing a brand to fit in with your marketing?

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Test Your Business Growth Curve

Test Your Business Growth Curve

Any business that is not growing is going backwards.  Have a good look at your growth over the past few years and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Am I still relevant to the market place
  • How innovative am I?
  • Where am I in the competitive field?
  • How realistic and truthful am I about where my business really stands?

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End of Year Profit Improvement

End Of Year Profit Improvement

Has the end of the year been dismal for your business?
I have had so many discussions over the last few months with many who have not had a great year.  How can you change for next year if the economy for you is not great?
If you want your business to bring more money in, there are several ways you can increase Sales however we will talk about that next month!
 This month let’s just briefly look at 4 things that might help you:

  1. Increasing Turnover Briefly
  2. Pricing
  3. Gross Profit Margin
  4. Controlling Fixed and Variable Expenses.

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5 Tips on Startup Businesses


Setting up your own business is exciting, but can also be very challenging if you are not prepared.  Here a just a few tips that will help you one your way.


OK – so you have an idea be it service or product?  NOW YOU NEED TO: get committed and focused. DON’T be like many who turn around 6 months later and see someone else making a motza with their idea.  FEAR of failure stops us, it is our own mind that stops most of us from taking the first step.  I don’t mean you have to be irresponsible and give up your day job straight away, but make a commitment to your idea. I have a saying ‘passion, commitment, focus action’!. (LINK TO PAGE) You need energy to develop a good business along with the right mind set and commitment.

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Creating a Coaching Culture - Their Value & Results

Take a moment and ask yourself these 2 questions:

Do you believe you have more potential than your current performance level? And if yes, what’s the cost of opportunity of not using that potential more often?  This is why coaching is so valuable not just for you but for your team as well. 

Implementing a Coaching culture is a game changer on a path to success

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