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Branding Awareness - What Sets Your Business Apart?

If you own a small business or work in one, it’s very likely that one of the many hats you might have on, to tackle competition and bring new customers in, is Branding.
Branding is one of the most important aspects to your marketing. Your business’ branding entails various things, like colour, font, shape, and more. Branding encompasses not just visual things but how you live breath your brand. One of the most essential elements that embody all marketing and branding is your business logo.
I bet you can spot a Macdonald’s from blocks away, just because of the BIG YELLOW M. 
Everything you and your business do will have an impact on the perceptions of your audience. They will create an image of your business and attach that image to a thought or a feeling. If these thoughts and feelings are positive, then we can talk about things like repeat purchase and advocacy.
In other words, if my experience of your company is a positive one I will buy again and recommend it to my friends.

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The 5 Minds of Business

The 5 Minds of Business


“Business is a game of numbers and relationships managed by systems and processes!”
Helen Cowley
It all starts with our thinking
Our thinking affects our behavior and our actions.
Our thinking style includes our creativity, our relationships, our systems and our rational.

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How To Be A Market Leader?

What do I mean when I say Market Leader?   

A market leader often dominates its competitors in customer loyalty, distribution coverage, image, perceived value, price, profit, and promotional spending.  This makes the Brand, product, or market hold the largest percentage of total sales revenue (the market share) of a market.

Becoming a leader in a market with well-established players is very hard so you have to come up with something different, something exciting, something memorable, something that hasn’t been done before.

What makes you different in a sea of competition?

Be a Purple Cow:

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Are Your Habits A Mind Blocker?

Who doesn’t have habits…….Good and Bad but what can we learn from habits?

Sometimes it can be your habits that determine your success - or stand in its way.

As we grow older our habits have trained our subconscious mind to only let us see the things that will continue to keep us unsuccessful.

Really think about this – If up until this point in life, the attention has been mainly noticing all the areas where we were NOT successful, and working on that, our subconscious mind thinks THAT’S what we’re most interested in. It’s almost like losing the ability to see opportunities!

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The Mindset & the 5 Second Rule

If you’re like me, you will have heard throughout your life that “Motivation” is the key to achieving your goals and accomplishing your bucket list.  “Motivation” is a key but if you have the mindset and use the 5 Second Rule you will find that your “Motivation” follows and it isn’t such a huge mountain to climb over.
I recently read an article by Mel Robbins and she states.  “When approaching changing your life you must start thinking about the small changes you make, every day, that make life-altering positive differences over time.
That’s why the 5 Second Rule is essential to learn–it will be the push you need in the moments when you don’t feel like doing something but know you should do it.”

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