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Small Business Month

 May is Small Business Month. How can you celebrate?          
Celebrate, Connect, Caring and Sharing and Growing.

Queensland’s Small Business Month 2022 celebrations will get underway this month to mark the sector’s resurgence after the impacts of COVID-19 and flood events. Just as they were getting back on their feet and feeling a sense of normality, the recent flooding events in the south east have many needing to start again.  

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Take Charge and Become a Purposeful Coaching Leader.

I get asked, "how do I learn to be a better leader," or, we have some misunderstanding and disappointment in staff performance.

So much has been happening to our teams and ourselves this year. It is all putting a lot of pressure and strain on people, not only what is happening at work or home, but it’s also amazing how many people are looking at the world's unrest. We need to be part of a positive culture to keep productivity (for ourselves and our teams). Something that makes us feel connected, more valued again, a need to feel your commitment and to grow and be part of something future-focused.

So what are some tips on Leadership and resolving employment relationships? Firstly remember: 

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Simplify your Systems

The last few weeks of January and the beginning of February have been trying to say the least.  Staff to no staff, low sales, Covid all around us making us focus on continual care of people.  Take time to simplify our projects, goals, and tasks, we are all foreseeing moving forward, but there are continual steps backward for many of us.

What can we take from our experiences, to think differently, think positively, and to move forward and achieve a productive 2022?  Perhaps, we can apply or simplify our systems and processes into simple positive small steps.

Is there some magic ingredient that will fast-forward us through troubles and into success?

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Marketing Matters.....Breaking it down

Marketing has always been extremely important for the success of any business.  However, since the many changes our world has encountered during the pandemic, marketing matters now more than ever.

It is a critical tool for establishing awareness, attracting new customers, and building lasting relationships. Every business needs to successfully market their products and services. When done effectively, marketing can help you increase sales and establish your competitive advantage.

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Start Afresh 2022 With Your Success in Mind

The world has transformed significantly over the last two years, and every business owner has faced challenges. From Covid-19 responses to workforce and supply chain issues to the creation of brand new success models, our grit and out-of-the-box thinking have been put to the test. 

2022 will not bring back “business as usual.” Instead, the business world is on a fast-track evolutionary course, and your focus, empathy and willingness to adapt will guide your continued growth. Taking some simple actions can set the stage for your success in 2022 and generate momentum for what lies ahead.

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